I think that we should make the best of where we live and we all should be able to come back home to a place that is welcoming and represents who we are.
— David Bromstad

re-Design | Re-model

Whether it’s re-designing your current space, selecting fabulous finishes and fixtures for a remodel, drafting up plans for minor renovations, or assisting you on a furniture + decor shopping spree, Jaccard Interiors will simplify the process to save you time, stress and money. Shelley will apply her designer’s eye to each space, research new products for inspiration, and provide you with a customized presentation board that includes a space plan, concept images, and furniture & accessories options.

We understand it's no easy task picking out paint colors and finishes. Shelley will assist you with cultivating your style and help you make smart design decisions while adhering to your budget. She'll make sure everything runs smoothly and stays on schedule by coordinating with contractors, painters, vendors, delivery & installation teams and anyone else needed to complete your project.

How It Works

We begin with a 2-hr in-home consultation where we discuss your unique needs, challenges and design preferences.

Shelley will listen carefully to your concerns and priorities and offer ideas to achieve your overall long and short term goals for your home and your lifestyle. She can first identify what you already own and help you rethink your current space. This is a time for feedback on your design challenges and a chance to ask questions for an expert opinion. During this consultation, we also discuss timelines, budget, and take photos of your existing space.

After our initial consultation, we will submit a custom proposal outlining our estimated design hours, fees and list of services that are tailored to your project needs.

Once you decide to move forward, a Letter of Agreement covering our terms and policies will be sent for your review and signature. After this is signed and returned with a retainer fee (to be credited towards your first invoice), we begin the design process to create the home you always wanted!




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